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Preschool Gymnastic Movement Program

1.  Parent Participation

a. Baby Gym - In this class, the parent participates, allowing the child to be comfortable with both the instructor and the environment while given the opportunity to explore and have fun learning in a group situation. Basic developmental skills will be taught, using music and play activities with various types of equipment.

b. Toddler Tumblers (18 mos.- 2 ½ yr.) & Toddler Tumblers (2 ½-3 ½ yr.olds) - This parent involved class introduces basic developmental movement and tumbling skills to the very young gymnast. Parents safely guide children through obstacle courses, musical and play activities. It is a unique opportunity for parents and children to interact together, as well as with their peers through exercise.

2.  Independent Participation

a. Tiny Tumblers - In this class, the students independently participate in gymnastic activities tailored to their age level. Socialization, creativity and interaction between students are highly encouraged. Gross motor skills taught are often part of the Kindergarten assessment given for school. preschool_santa_reindeer.png


School Aged Gymnastics & Tumbling Program for Boys & Girls

1.  Gymnastics - All beginner through advanced level classes for girls and boys (ages 6 - 18 yrs.) are  taught gymnastic skills on the following 4 apparatus: uneven bars, balance beam, tumble trak and floor. Mini-Tramp and Parallel Bars are also utilized in this class curriculum. Gymnastics skills and progressions, drills and safety rules are also taught. Development of body control, flexibility, coordination and strength are emphasized in a fun and creative environment.  Proper form and execution of skills are stressed.

a. Super Tumblers - Children MUST be 4 ½ years old BEFORE they can participate in this class (NO EXCEPTIONS!). This class is an introduction to a structured gymnastic class utilizing a 3-level curriculum designed with emphasis on skill development. Students will begin to learn skills on the uneven bars, balance beam, tumble trak and floor. team_awards_1.png

b. Developmental - This is a shortened version of the school aged gymnastics program. The beginner and advanced beginner levels are not separated at this level. It is an all around gymnastic program.

c. 8 & up - Our instructors determine through weekly evaluation, what level each gymnasts is performing at. Registration for the advanced beginner through advanced class levels are instructor's approval only.

2.  Teams - All teams are non-competitive and will perform at open-houses, nursing homes, community events, USA Group Gymnastic Nationals, etc. Team is a 2 session commitment from Sept.-Jan.

a. Cheer/Tumble/Dance Performance Team - This team is for ages 6 years & up, & will perform cheerleading, tumbling & dance based routines, including stunts & jumps. young_girl_hoop.png

b. JR/SR high Cheer/Tumble/Dance Performance Team - This team is for JR/SR High students ages 11 years & up. Students will learn routines combining cheerleading stunts & jumps, tumbling dance skills & perform when the other teams perform.

3. Acro-Gymnastics - Learn acro-gymnastics stunts (similar to cheerleading stunts). A type of group gymnastics performed in trios & pairs. This is highly recommended for those who are on performance teams.

4.  Tumbling

a. Tumbling for JR/SR High Cheerleaders - This is a great opportunity to work with our professional staff on important tumbling elements for cheerleading.  Our program provides a safe and positive environment. Students will learn the proper mechanics of these skills through basic progressions and drills.  These drills are designed to help students of various tumbling levels.

b. Tumbling - Super Tumbler (5 yrs.), Developmental (6 & 7 yrs.) & 8 years & up classes only for boys and girls, beginner through advanced beginner only. Students will learn the proper mechanics of these skills through basic progressions and drills. These drills are designed to help students to build on as they develop body awareness, strength and flexibility.sr_girl_on_-tramp.png



1.  Cheer Bears - Our cheerleading program is for ages 4-7 years old. We are implementing a national-cheerleading curriculum for the younger student. Cheers, jumps, dance, and chants will be taught.

2.  Cheerleading - Basic cheerleading motions, jumps, stunts, cheers, chants and dance routines will be taught, as well as basic tumbling skills in a non-competitive environment. Most of our cheerleading staff is current or former HS or college cheerleaders!  Our professional gymnastic staff will help with the tumbling instruction.



1.  Dancing Bears - This national dance curriculum combines of preschool ballet/dance & preschool gymnastics for ages 3 ½-5 year olds (independent participation).

2.  Hip Hop - This dance & tumbling class is for ages 8 yr. & up. Learn those new funky dance moves - impress your friends on the dance floor! (Not offered on a regular basis)

3.  Dance for Gymnastics - Learn basic ballet movements, as well as, work on leaps, turns, tdancing_bears.pngourjettes, etc. (highly recommended for those on performance teams). (Not offered on a regular basis)


SPECIAL NEEDS CLASSES (depends on schedule availability)

Gymnastics/Cheerleading Classes for
Students with Special Needs

This is a class offered for students with special needs whether physical, sensory, or developmental. Students can be both ambulatory & non-ambulatory. Our curriculum will combine the movement of dance, cheerleading, tumbling, and rhythmic gymnastics, using apparatus such as streamers, balls, hoops, etc., and artistic gymnastics, using the apparatus such as beam, bars, etc.  Parent participation maybe required if physical movement is limited and/or behavior issues will require 1-on-1 assistance.